Wed 3/8/17

I decided to start this blog to capture my everyday life. Maybe as a cure for boredom. Maybe to document the things that happen so i will remember them for more than a day or two. I dont know. Maybe no one will read it. Maybe no one will care. But this isn’t for you. Its for me. 

  So, here I am. Its 7 am. On my morning commute to Scottsdale. It takes me 90 min to get to work on public transit. I donr care what anyone says, i enjoy riding the bus.i get to relax and watch the people. I get to see the city. I get to see people in their purest form, whether its that they jist woke up and headed to work or whether its they are just headed home from last night. Sometimes you hear an argument between lovers. Sometimes you hear people calling late to work. Theres always one person that wants to talk to someone. Maybe they live alone and its rare they have any sort of human interaction. Or maybe they just like to talk. Either way, its usually too early for me so, i wear my earbuds and even its just the sound of Pokemon Go, I act like I’m very occupied in what I’m doing to avoid the interaction. Sometimes I’m too nice and pull out one earbud and pay attention. Its not the single interaction I’m trying to avoid. Its the meaningless interactions everyday from here on out. 

This weekend is my birthday show. We have a pretty good line up of some amazing artists and, some pretty good friends, at one of my favorite local dives. Looking forward to a good time.

 For now, i think this is insight enough into the plan of my public private journal of my life.  

– Me