Dream journal 4.18

So I was trying to sleep on a bed on a plane during take off. I ended up in a corner and for some reason we deboarded the plane. 

Now, before we boarded the plane we heard that Dane Cook was flying with us. My mom didn’t know who he was, just kept asking how tall he was. While everyone is looking for Dane Cook, i notice this other, sort of familiar looking fella. As I watch a little, his mannerisms become apparent that its Jim Carrey in disguise. I go over to him and kinda covertly ask for a pic together, he agrees and I can’t for the life of me get my camera on my phone to do anything. It goes into this weird demo mode of weird snapchat like filters and i only get a short clip of Jim Carrey jumping around on a Hippity Hop, which didn’t happen but, my phone made it happen. It angered me I couldn’t get a pic together with J.C. and that anger woke me up….