About Me

I have decided to write and publish my life on this site. People are always telling me I have an amazing story and want me to share. So here goes nothing….

To begin the story I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1983. At the time my father was in the Air Force as a Public Affairs official. I don’t remember much from the early years, just stories I have been told. We left Mississippi in 1987 to move to Mesa, Arizona. My dad was stationed at Williams AFB which is no longer an Air Force Base. Still owned by the government but mostly used by Arizona State University. My parents bought a house in Mesa, which is still owned by my mom. At the time, from what I can remember, the neighborhood was small and older 70s to early 80s built houses. I remember the end of the street ending roughly 200 yards from our driveway, into the desert. If you go down the street now, it continues into neighborhoods for miles.

In 1991 my Dad received orders to Whitemann AFB in Knob Noster, Missouri. We were not there long, maybe 14 months before my Dad had reached retirement. Of the time we spent there, the most memorable thing was the B-2 Bomber was first brought in. ….

I will Add more as time goes on. …