Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

14 years ago today I lost my life.14 years ago today I lost everything I ever knew growing up.14 years ago today, I was scared. I was waist deep in raging waters, praying for it to stop.14 years ago today, my dad would have died, a stubborn old bastard, too hard headed to leave the house. The windows shattered one by one as the pressure of the water was too great.14 years ago today, I watched my life flash before my eyes for hours. Hoping, praying, someone was coming for us. I had to hack a hole in the ceiling in the kitchen above the island, to get us to safety.14 years ago today, the house I grew up in, all my toys, photo albums, irreplaceable objects were 8 ft under water.14 years ago today, I was in an attic with no escape waiting for the flood waters to recede. The south wall of the house collapsed. After 8 hours of water in the house we were finally able to come down to assess the damage.14 years ago today, we survived. Some of our friends and family we not as fortunate.I’ve seen death and destruction first hand. I’ve been scared for my life, thinking “this is it. This is how I go.” I feel I’m a better human because of it. I’m glad after all these years I still have the friends I do and you all make life worth living. Gulf coast Fam, see ya next month!#FUkatrina #WeAreStillHere #LandMassians #CategoryFiveFriends #ImmortalFamily